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1999-2000 Season
Long Program:Legends of The Fall.
Short Program:St. James Infirmary, When the Saints go Marchin' in

The season began as a disaster for Vanessa. She injured her foot and had to withdraw from Skate America. This forced her to withdraw from Lalique. At French Nationals, she was struck with Food poisining, but won her First French National Title. Still ill, she could not practice much. At The European Championships, she suprised herself by skating a perfect short program and free skate. Yet, she only finished 4th. At The World Championships in Nice, Vanessa faced extra pressure. In the qualifying , she faild to performe up to expectations after her training mate, Stefan Bernadis was stabbed. Her short program and Free skate were flawless though, and she finished 4th.

1998-1999 Season
Thief Theme: Rats d'Hotel.
Short Program:St. James Infirmary, When the Saints go Marchin' in

Vanessa rebounded in 1998-1999 Season. At Lalique, she defended her bronze medal, and placed second at French Nationals. Vanessa's performances continued to improved through the season. At Europeans, she skated well throughout and came in 5th. Finally, at the World Championships, she performed 3 strong performances in a row. She placed 5th and finished the season hungry for more !

1997-1998 Season
Long Program:The 4 Elements featuring Batman Returns, etc.
Short Program:The Mask

Vanessa's World Bronze medal came rather early for her,and she faced many pressures as the medalists the following year. Unfortunently, it was also an Olympic year. She skated her best at The 1998 Olympics Lp, landing 4 triples jumps.

1996-1997 Season
Long Program:Great Circus Orchestra
Short Program:The Mask

Success came early for Vanessa, as she won the bronze medal at The World Championships in Lausanne. A month earlier in Paris, she fell apart in the long program , after skating a clean short. In Lausanne, she fell on her opening jump in the free skate, but was clean from that point on. Her best performance actually came at The Nations Cup in late 1995. However, she only finished 3rd.

1995-1996 Season
Long Program:Great Circus Orchestra
Short Program:Mexican Hat Dance/Santana

Vanessa's first season as an Senior provided her with great experience for the season ahead. A clean Short program at Europeans left her in 6th place after the short program, and an opportunity to skate in the final group. A month later at Worlds, she skated well in the long program to finish 14th, one spot ahead of the future Olympic champion.